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2021-2022 College Catalog 
2021-2022 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Admissions Policy

Central Community College (CCC) is an open door college for persons 16 or older who are not enrolled in high school and who can demonstrate an ability to benefit from a program of study. The college reserves the right to evaluate and determine if the college has a program which will fit the needs of an applicant. Admission to the college does not guarantee admission to all courses or programs.

The following programs have special admission requirements: Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene, Health Information Management Services, Medical Assisting, Medical Laboratory Technician, Paramedicine, Pharmacy Technician, Human Services, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Practical Nursing, Associate Degree Nursing (R.N.) and Truck Driving. Admission requirements for these programs are listed with the course of study for each. Cooperative programs with other institutions may also have specific admissions requirements. Contact the Admissions Office at any CCC campus or online for further information.

Early college opportunities are available for currently enrolled high school students who have attained junior-level status, are at least 16 years old, and demonstrate the ability to benefit from college level coursework. For more information, please see the Early College information online

Any of the following may be justification to deny an individual admission or readmission to the college: (1) intentionally providing false information on any college-related form(s); (2) intimidating, threatening or posing a potential threat to any college employee or student; (3) being considered detrimental to the best interests of the college community; or (4) when the college is unable to provide the services, courses, or program needed to assist a student to meet his/her educational objectives.

Admissions Procedures

An application for admission is available online  Admissions interviews are not required in most programs; however, a campus tour arranged by our admissions office is highly recommended. On your tour you will see our facilities, observe classes in session, talk with instructors, tour residence halls (on the Columbus and Hastings Campuses) and visit other offices that can assist you such as Financial Aid, Academic Success Center, the testing center, transfer advising, Career and Employment Services, registration, and student accounts.

Below are the steps for admission to CCC:

  1. Create an account online at This will enable you to receive scholarship and event information.
  2. Complete the admission application online.  Also complete other admission materials, if needed, and email them to the Admissions Office
  3. Request that official transcripts from all colleges previously attended be sent to the CCC Records Office.  Official transcripts will be evaluated for courses that apply towards a student’s chosen program of study at CCC.  A student must have applied and been accepted as a CCC student prior to the evaluation.
  4. The Admissions Office will notify you of acceptance, confirm your entry date, and if necessary provide further instructions for completing registration.
  5. Make an appointment to meet with your advisor to register for classes. Your advisor’s information can be located by logging into your Student Planner  
  6. Attend a New Student Orientation session

Ability to Benefit - Admission to College

A student who: (1) enrolls in a minimum of six or more credit hours in a term; (2) declares a major in an occupational or academic program leading to a degree, diploma, and/or certificate; or (3) enrolls in an academic course (college-level English, literature, mathematics, science, and social/behavioral science disciplines) must demonstrate the ability to benefit. A student demonstrates the ability to benefit by: (1) record of high school diploma or GED; (2) completing appropriate foundations course(s); (3) documenting previous higher education credits; or (4) providing evidence of appropriate occupational experience.

The college will accept the following documentation of the ability to benefit from a college-level English, literature, mathematics, science, or social/behavioral science course: (1) transcripts showing successful completion of a college-level mathematics, English, or reading based course(s) or (2) completion of appropriate foundations course(s).  Also refer to Financial Aid Student Services Offices, Programs and Activities  and Assessment Services sections of the Student Services Offices, Programs and Activities  page in the online catalog.

Course only students must meet the pre-requisite requirement for the course prior to enrolling in the course.  Pre-requisites are met by equivalent college-level work provided on a transcript or demonstration of meeting pre-requisite through assessment measures.

Early College Admissions Procedures

The Early College Program provides opportunity for currently enrolled high school students who have attained junior level status and are at least 16 years old to enroll in college credit courses. The parent or guardian must sign to approve the student’s early college registration. High school counselors or CCC’s Extended Learning Services Offices will provide the form needed to complete the early college admissions and enrollment procedures. The college does not require an early college approval for non-credit courses.

Students taking early college credit classes through their high school must be enrolled in the course on or before the Last Day Free/Drop Exchanges of Credits of Equal Value date published in the college academic calendar.

International Student Admissions Procedures

Central Community College (CCC) is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant, alien students. International students should apply for admission 9 to 12 months before they plan to enter the college and they must submit all of the documents listed below. The deadline for submission of a complete admissions file to be reviewed, prior to determination of acceptance, is July 1 for the fall term and November 1 for the spring term. This deadline applies to initial attendance, reinstatement and transfer requests. All overseas correspondence should be sent by Air Mail. All materials become the property of the college and cannot be returned. The college will not honor requests for waiver of admission requirements.

Submit the following to the Admission’s Office:

  1. Application for admission online
  2. Completion of International Student Application and Financial Matters for International Students. Include all certificates, names, and amounts as indicated on the application, including sponsors and bank officials.
  3. English Proficiency (TOEFL paper/pencil test-500 minimum score; computer based version-173 minimum score or Internet-based version-61 minimum score. Please submit original document.)
  4. Official transcripts from all previous educational institutions attended. Transcripts must be translated into the English language.

International students transferring to CCC from other institutions must also submit:

  1. Copy of Form I-20 from all previously attended institutions.
  2. Completed International Student Transfer Form.
  3. Official copies of transcripts from all colleges/universities attended in the United States.
  4. If issued, copy of Employment Authorization Card.
  5. If issued, copy of Social Security Card.
  6. If issued, copy of driver’s license.

Issuance of the Certificate of Eligibility, Form I-20, will be made only upon completion of all admission requirements through the Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) mandated by federal government under the Patriot Act. It is the responsibility of the applicant to make all necessary arrangements through official channels for entrance into the United States, including required payment of the Form I-94 fee to obtain a visa.

Students issued a Form I-20 must report to CCC within 15 days of arrival into the United States.

Full-Time Enrollment Status

Full-time enrollment status during a regular college semester consists of registering for a minimum of 12 credit hours and for the summer semester six credit hours.

The following concerns may be cause for the college to restrict the number of credit hours for which students may enroll in a semester: (1) failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress; (2) attendance concerns; (3) time remaining in term; (4) availability of scheduled class time; and/or (5) other extenuating circumstances. The college may establish other special conditions under which students can enroll, including, but not limited to, regular meetings with counselors and advisors, enrollment in developmental/foundations courses, and/or completion of assessment tests.

Course Only Students

Course only students are students taking courses at CCC who are not seeking a degree, diploma, or certificate. Course only students can become a degree, diploma, or certificate seeking student by contacting the registration office or an advisor. 

Course only students must meet the pre-requisite requirement for a course prior to enrolling in the course.  Pre-requisites are met by equivalent college-level work provided on a transcript, demonstration of meeting pre-requisite through assessment measure or cempletion of a waiver process by the student.

Starting Dates

Semester starting dates are listed in the college calendar (Calendar 2020-2021 and Calendar 2021-2022).  However, CCC’s continuous enrollment policy permits students to register and begin individualized courses until mid-way through the term.  Students also can complete individualized courses or programs of study at any time within a college term. Courses offered in a traditional lecture or web format generally begin and end according to the college calendar.

Days Defined

Instructional day(s) are defined as days the college is scheduled to be in session.

Continuing Students

Students who were enrolled at any Central Community College (CCC) campus or center at any time during the last calendar year are eligible to register for the next future term UNLESS:

  • They have an outstanding debt to CCC; or
  • They have been placed on academic suspension/dismissal; or
  • They have been notified by the college about additional requirements or conditions.

Students returning to CCC after an absence of more than one year should update demographic and academic information prior to registration for classes.