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2020-2021 College Catalog 
2020-2021 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Associate Degree in Nursing

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For more information please see the Nursing Education Program Overview .


The purpose of the ADN program is to provide students with the foundation of nursing knowledge, skills and professional attitudes required for the safe, competent and comprehensive practice of professional nursing through diverse theoretical and clinical opportunities.

Note: This degree is available at Grand Island. In addition, the first year program and the nursing block clinical rotations can be completed at Columbus and Kearney

Suggested Sequence of Courses  

Subtotal: 40

Subtotal: 3-4

Basic Achievement Requirements

All graduates with an AA, AS, AAS or ADN will meet minimum achievements for math, writing and reading. Graduates can meet the requirement by:
Note: Scores for specific health program admission may vary from the scores listed. Please see the program director for more specific information.

   1. Acquiring appropriate Mandatory Assessment scores in math, writing and reading.
  2. Completing the following courses:
    a. MATH 0930 Practical Math OR MATH 0940 Pre-Algebra with a C or above.
    b. ENGL 0970 Reading & Writing Essentials II with a C or above.
  3. Completing a 1000-level MATH or ENGL course with a D or above.

General Education Core Requirements

All graduates with an AA, AS, AAS or ADN will complete:

  • GEN ED Group A: Communications 6 credit(s)
    (Required: ENGL 1010  AND ENGL 1020 )
  • GEN ED Group B: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 8 credit(s)
    (Required: BIOS 2250  AND BIOS 2260 )
  • GEN ED Group C: Career and Life Skills, D: Information & Technology Literacy, or E: Global Awareness 3 credit(s)
    (Required: PSYC 2890 )
  • GEN ED Group A, B, C, D or E 4 credit(s)
    Required: BIOS 2460 )

Subtotal: 21

Total Credits for Associate Degree: 64-65

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