2014-2015 Catalog 
    May 20, 2018  
2014-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Visual Communications

Program Description

The Visual Communications specialized degree program is designed to provide students with the foundation they need to excel as a career professional in the field of traditional and digital design.  The Visual Communications program will:

  • Provide quality instruction to students seeking meaningful careers in the Visual Communications/Graphic Arts fields.
  • Equip students with the necessary skills to be successful in the media, and the background and motivation to enable them to compete for leadership roles in the Visual Communication/ graphic arts field.
  • Provide assistance and professional guidance in the visual communication working industry.
  • Set high standards for the visual integrity and communications ethics.
  • Develop a strong background in traditional art methods as well as digital design concepts.

Note: Program available at the Columbus campus only

Student Learning Outcomes

Visual Communications Graduates are prepared to:

  • Apply knowledge of art elements and principles in creating design projects.
  • Apply general art principles and techniques to effectively communicate ideas and information.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of business fundamentals as they related to visual communications.
  • Create designs using current industry software applications.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and creative problem solving in order to assess consumer needs.

Career Opportunities

Graduates enter careers involving visual communication in the various media industries, such as commercial artists, graphic designers, publishing industry layout and design technicians, and advertising designers.

Typical Program of Study

To assist students in determining the sequence of courses they might take to complete their educational goal, the proposed program of study is provided. A student’s final program of study will be influenced by factors such as placement test scores, prior college experiences, course availability, transfer requirements, program admission requirements, and special areas of interest. A student intending to major in this program must consult with his/her adviser prior to any academic planning and registering.



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