2014-2015 Catalog 
    May 20, 2018  
2014-2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts

Program Description

Students in the hospitality management and culinary arts program are exposed to the exciting careers available in the hospitality industry through practical experience in classes, field trips to food and equipment shows, hotel tours, and internships with local hotels and restaurants. Graduates are highly sought after by industry employers in the fields of culinary arts, restaurant management, and hotel management. Hospitality management and culinary arts specializations include culinary, hotel management, restaurant management, and pastry.

Student Learning Outcomes

Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts graduates are prepared to:

  • Identify basic organizational principles within the hospitality management process.
  • Exhibit personal and business standards accepted in the hospitality industry.
  • Evaluate culinary management practices.
  • Evaluate hotel management practices.
  • Evaluate restaurant management practices.

Career Opportunities

Nebraska Workforce Development's Career Compass[1] , shows "hot" job prospects in Nebraska for many of the job categories listed in the hospitality and culinary career cluster. The need in Nebraska for food service managers; supervisors/managers of food preparation and serving workers; restaurant cooks; cooks at institutions and cafeterias; bartenders; and hotel, motel, and resort clerks are all projected to grow near or more than 10 percent[2].

Statistics from the National Restaurant Association and the American Hotel and Lodging Association indicate there are 13 million employees working in the restaurant industry and another 1.9 million additional employees in the lodging industry making the hospitality industry the largest employer in the United States besides the government. The restaurant industry association predicts adding another 1.3 million positions by the year 2020[3].  In Nebraska, restaurants employ 84,500 workers and expect a 9.2 percent job growth, or 7,800 additional jobs, by 2020 [4].

One in seven Americans either directly or indirectly is employed because of people traveling to and within the United States. Depending on the area of specialization, a variety of employment opportunities are available including front office management, executive housekeeper, food and beverage management, and professional cooking. These positions are available at resorts, private clubs, catering services, delis, bakeries and convention centers as well as the traditional hotels and restaurants.


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Typical Program of Study

To assist students in determining the sequence of courses they might take to complete their educational goal, the proposed program of study is provided. A student’s final program of study will be influenced by factors such as placement test scores, prior college experiences, course availability, transfer requirements, program admission requirements, and special areas of interest. A student intending to major in this program must consult with his/her adviser prior to any academic planning and registering.


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